Join forces with Nisha on this extraordinary journey as she unveils the closely guarded secrets to achieving 

A* success in IGCSE French.

Together, you'll soar to new heights and transform your dreams into dazzling reality. Let's blaze a trail to greatness side by side! 

Don't miss this chance to be guided by the best and become the best! πŸš€

Meet the mentor

"Welcome to the World of Language Excellence: Meet Our Visionary Founder, Nisha Rishab Lamba!

Since our inception in 2008, Nisha Rishab Lamba has ignited the educational journeys of countless students, empowering them with foundational skills, innovative techniques, and unshakable confidence. With over 15+ years of expertise in cultivating language brilliance, she has championed the dreams of 2000+ students, propelling them toward global citizenship.

Renowned as the premier French Language School in Mumbai, Nisha has curated an extensive array of courses, embracing students from diverse backgrounds and skill levels. Her unwavering commitment to offering the highest quality language education across academics and professions has paved the way for exceptional success stories.

Guiding students through every step of their educational voyage, Nisha’s holistic approach has nurtured all aspects of development – both academic and personal. Our offerings align seamlessly with the benchmarks set by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring a world-class language education.

Nisha has Celebrated her excellence with her unmatched commitment providing holistic solutions with Empowering students to excel and become global citizens and is an award winning coach and has an array of awards from :

πŸ† Best French Classes in Mumbai

πŸ† Highest Contribution to Education

πŸ† India 100 Women Icon Award

πŸ† Mindful Educator of the Year

πŸ† Promising Educator with Excellence in French Classes

πŸ† Best French Language Coach and Mentor 2022

πŸ† Perfect Women for the Year 2021

She has proud features in 9 + medias including β€œ HER CIRCLE OFFICIAL” a Reliance industries int as women led entrepreneur empowering women and with her approach and Zeal for success she has provided results that speak and prove her mantal 

Embark on this adventure of linguistic growth and personal empowerment with us today!"

What you’ll learn?

Customized Learning Paths: NFC offers tailored courses to suit students who want to excel in French. Our flexible programs cater to diverse learning needs, ensuring every student's success.

Confidence Boosting: For those uncomfortable speaking French in groups, our private tuition option provides a comfortable environment for building language confidence and proficiency.

Early IGCSE Preparation: Motivated students can get a head start on their IGCSE French. NFC's courses enable them to ace the exam in years 7 to 9, leaving years 10 and 11 free for focusing on other crucial subjects.

Guided University Readiness: NFC doesn't just improve grades; we guide students toward desired results for university admissions. Our courses ensure the right academic foundation for a successful future.

Exam Mastery and Beyond: NFC's programs go beyond exam preparation. We empower students with rigorous practice, helping them master exam techniques and fostering a deeper understanding of the French language.

Embark on a Language Learning Journey with NFC – Where Tailored Programs Lead to Excellence in French and Beyond.

Who can join NFC

  1. IGCSE and GCSE Aspirants: Students preparing for IGCSE and GCSE French examinations.
  2. Edexcel Exam Takers: Those aiming to excel in Edexcel French exams.
  3. IB Curriculum Participants: Students enrolled in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program seeking French language proficiency.
  4. Language Enthusiasts: Individuals passionate about mastering French language and culture.
  5. All Age Ranges: Learners of different age groups, from school to college levels.
  6. Various Proficiency Levels: From beginners to advanced learners, catering to diverse skill levels.
  7. Interactive Approach Seekers: Students looking for an interactive and innovative language learning experience.
  8. Cultural Explorers: Those eager to explore French culture and its linguistic nuances.
  9. Effective Communication Aspirants: Students aspiring to enhance their communication skills in French.
  10. Academic Excellence: Nisha's French Classes support academic goals, enabling students to excel in their chosen language curriculum.

Education. Exploration. Satisfaction.


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