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With a Vision to create global citizens and Quality over Quantity our mission is to create excellence in field of French education with differentiated and conceptual learning


About Nisha's French Classes

Making a Difference

Nishas French Classes with its 14 years of experience in French education for IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE, IB international baccalaureate , State Bard (SSC,HSC), winner of Best French classes in Mumbai and winner of highest contribution to the education With our Moto of quality over quantity and creating global citizens we deliver what we promise our previous records for past 14 years has all India French School and board toppers with proven results we would like to introduce online and off-line classes 


Nisha Lamba

Director Nisha's French Classes


Think out of the box’ is a commonly heard phrase. Yet, how many of us think out of the box and choose a different career option and work hard for the success of the same? Very few. Being born in an Indian middle-class family, and wanting to do something different than the conventional and accepted career options was her dream. Yes, this is the story of Nisha Rishab Lamba, a versatile and talented young lady. She is the founder and director of the organization Nisha’s French Classes located in Mumbai and life skills coach for teens. 

Nisha was born and brought up in a middle-class family where strong value was given to respect, love, and education. She considers herself among those lucky kids, who were never forced to get high marks in studies. They considered education as a means to upgrade oneself and to learn personal and interpersonal values. This approach to education had helped her to develop love towards subjects and implement what she studied from her subjects into her life. That’s what Nisha believes, every kid should be taught in schools instead of teaching them just science and mathematics. 

Nisha always focused on conceptual learning rather than concrete learning. She also has graduated in BCOM from University of Mumbai. Economics was her favorite subject.  And also she has completed her degree in French language. She had always been passionate about learning new things and acquiring knowledge about anything and everything that interested her. This trait shows how passionate and compassionate Nisha is. 

“Your ideas and thoughts might not be accepted by everyone, but if you are determined to achieve your goals, one day you will reach the pinnacle of success“

Years down from there, after being worked in corporate banks and other firms, she had an instinct inside her. She couldn’t just settle for what life and her studies had offered right away. She wanted to pursue her dreams. Dreams of doing a job and at the same time a service as well.  That’s how she took French as a serious subject. And she wanted to teach others a foreign language. In 2009, 10 May, Nisha started her career as a French language trainer for college and school students, and for professionals who wanted to learn an extra language as a hobby.  

She established her own firm and worked hard for the progress and now she conducts classes both online and offline. As a beginner and being an entrepreneur Nisha had also faced a lot of hurdles in various forms. Breaking the conventional way of teaching was her primary and crucial challenge. Especially when it’s not a widely spoken or accepted language. However, she and her students were determined and worked hard for accomplishing their dream and they succeeded by fetching great grades. That’s what Nisha considers as her greatest achievement. Her positive approach, determination, problem solving skill, patience, empathy, along with knowledge of child psychology helped Nisha to be a successful person in life. 

So her advice for the younger generation is to have patience and work hard for what they strive for. Success will follow.


Some Glimpses of NFC


Successful people can't relax on chair.They relax by WORK.They sleep with a DREAM.Awake with COMMITMENTAnd Work towards GOALS.That's the SPIRIT of life.


Our Academics

Embracing Challenge

Nisha's French Classes with its immense experience of 14 years  in catering language offers French language training in Academics and Non Academic French Language courses.

Academic Courses offered :

  • IGCSE (French as second Language)

  • IB (International Baccalaureate )

    • Standard Level

    • Abinitio 

  • ICSE 

  • CBSE

  • State boards(SSC)

  • Higher Secondary (HSC)

Non Academic

French Olympiad

French DELF Preparations



Growing Together

Student life at Nisha’s French classes is incredibly supportive. Our teachers develop caring relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curriculum to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of everyone.  We make sure that we handhold our students from scratch to excellence by promoting over all development needed for academic like LISTENING ,READING ,WRITING AND SPEAKING Skills all under one roof along with  professional development. Our student experience is enriched by Opportunities to French Culture, volunteer opportunities, class trips, Participations in French cultural activities, QUIZZ, OLYMPIADS, FRENCH INDIAN IDOL , CURRICULAM UPDATE AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS along with other exciting extracurricular  activities to make them GLOBAL CITIZENS


Alumni speaks 

Studying French with Nisha ma'am had always been a lot of fun. I learnt to communicate really well in her classes, not only in French but as a human. There was always excitement in her lectures. We learnt so much, yet it never felt like we were studying, and I miss those times  :) I'm now pursuing chemical engineering at IIT Bombay.

Dheer Bhaushali

School Topper

international Centre for learning 

I joined Nisha mam's classes in the 9th grade and left with flying colors in French. French has always been one of my favourite subjects and learning about cultures on the other end of the world has been very interesting to me. Her friendly nature and intensive practice for the subject has helped me ace my exams whilst having fun. I have been the class topper at GICL from the 6th Grade till IGCSE exams and am currently pursuing CA Intermediate.


I joined Nisha ma'am in the 9th grade, and from the very first moment ,I felt like I had been studying with her for years . She doesn't stress you out with unrealistic expectations and burdening homework and at the same time she makes sure you don't slacken .The lectures were phased out well and she catered to the needs of every student.
It was a very wholesome atmosphere ,where I learnt to love the Language of French .
Thanks to her efforts and encouragement,
I got a 95 in French in my 10th boards and am currently studying Arts  in St.Xaviers with French as a second language.

Ananya Rajaraman
School Topper 
Universal HIGH School (Ghatkopar)

I studied French at Nisha’s French classes for 2 years and it really helped me improve my language because I was exposed to a wide range of material. Vocabulary from different sources helped me hone my writing skills and constant practice allowed me to prepare for all areas of the exam. Currently, I'm in the 11th standard at Pace Junior Science College.


I joined Nisha ma'am's french classes in the 9th grade for the IGCSE board exams. The overall experience was excellent as she not only taught well but also motivated us and believed in us that we could score above 95 easily by just following her instructions. Needless to say, I scored very well in the exams. This also motivated me to further pursue Diploma course in French. Right now looking back, I am glad that I made a right choice of studying under her guidance.

Isha Gondalia

Top 3 

Universal School Ghatkopar 

A sense of love for languages comes inherently to me, but I believe that a solid foundation to any skill is mastering the basics and a steady grasp of the concepts taught. I had signed up for a crash course in French in December 2019, a few months before my grade 12 board examinations, confident that it would help me fine tune my level of understanding of the language and work on the areas I required betterment in. Nisha ma’am ensured that the process was seamless, without instilling any sort of fear with regards to the paucity of time at hand considering that my exams were just around the corner. In the time that I spent learning under her guidance, I was able to view the language through a different perspective- not just learning it to get through an exam.…

Dhruv Gupta 
HSC 2019

I was interested in learning a foreign language so I took up French as a subject in 11th grade at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. Nisha Ma'am helped me with French for my HSC board exams. Her experience in the language and tons of worksheets helped me a lot. I scored 96/100 in French. Later, along with my degree college, I chose to continue learning french at Alliance Française de Bombay. I improved my speaking skills there. I have passed Delf exams uptill Level B1.

Prishita Gada HSC

I’ve been studied French since the first grade and with Nisha Mam since the seventh grade. It was always a subject that I struggled with when I was younger and didn’t score that well in. However, after I joined Nisha Mam’s class I realized that the only reason why I was having trouble was that my basic concepts in French weren’t very clear and this is why my grades were dwindling. Nisha Mam helped me strengthen my base which really helped me score well in school and my interest for the subject was ignited. I was able to converse, comprehend, and write in French with ease with the help of Nisha Mam and she’s the reason I was able to score an A* (93%) in my IGCSE French Examinations. I am currently studying Computer Science at Georgia Institute of Technology i…

Prisha Mehta

School Topper RBK

RBK International School Topper in French


Nisha’s French classes Activities

NFC provides overall holistic development to children with academics and over all development and we cater to all four criteria's descried by CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ...)

Nisha’s French classes is proud to have a continuously growing selection of different activities that take place outside of the classroom. Check out the different options below and reach out with questions today.


NFC Helps its students to prepare for reading papers for board exams and DELF Exams by providing extensive reading papers and solving papers VIA worksheets, test modules that prepares them thoroughly to take them challenges in papers and go to next level


French being a foreign language understanding what people say and providing correct answers and understanding vocabulary is quite challenging we at NFC make sure that this hurdle is taken care by experienced team of professionals that cater to you listening French needs with easy and make sure you reach pinnacles of success with assuring through practice and guidance


The most challenging part of language is speaking as it needs correct knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and technique our expert teachers make sure this hurdle is taken care at ease.


NFC team makes sure your entire content to be written is taken care as this section needs extensive practice and together all four make a team to make you reach your goal and this is taken care at ease by our team


Admissions & Enrollment

Nisha's French Classes with its 14 years of experience in French education for IGCSE,ICSE,CBSE,IB international baccalaureate  winner of Best French classes in Mumbai and winner of highest contribution to the education With our Moto of quality over quantity and creating global citizens we deliver what we promise our previous records for past 14 years has all India French yard and board toppers with proven results we would like to introduce online and off-line classes for our academic batch for enquiries and registrations please contact 9920115097

Online Classes

We are expanding our horizons and going online for next academic year for students as COVID 19 came up with challenges and we faced  them by looking in to its eyes and overcoming each and every challenge it threw to us with a smile.  For students who can not reach us  physically and still crave for excellence and best  , We come to you at your doorsteps at the comfort of your home with same commitment and dedication to create the best out of your kids and impart top notch quality French

education in your kids .

Key Benefits of online classes:




Test Series

Online Orientation and feedback to students

Structured classroom methodology for proper practice.

Costs & Subsidies

We at NFC Assure you quality education at subsidized rates get in touch for more .Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep you updated on latest offers and special offers .

Academic Requirements

We are open to admission for all French related requirements

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