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Nisha’s French Classes is located in Mumbai and reflects the vibrant energy of the area. Our passionate and skilled team members are here to help students achieve their goals.  This organization is located in Mumbai with its two operational branches and one sub branch in Central Mumbai. NFC has trained for over 3000 students in past 14 years where their key strength and focus has been only teaching academic French to different boards like IGCSE, International baccalaureate, ICSE, CBSE and Local state secondary and Higher secondary board. NFC has demonstrated its strength by imparting quality education in students and achieving above 90 % academically for all students. It has even demonstrated its strength by having << ALL INDIA OLYMPIAD TOPPER>> << ALL SCHOOL BOARD TOPPERS>> in almost every academic board we have catered .

At Nisha’s French Classes we offer complete syllabus coverage of all the International boards such as:

  •     IB School and Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International)

    Along with catering to India boards such as

  •     Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE),

  •     Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE),

  •     Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Course planning and conduction done by highly experienced teachers with proven track record of having ALL INDIA TOPPERS and SCHOOL TOPPERS in French .

  • USP of NISHA'S French Classes:

   1. Audio Visual Presentation on all topics for better understanding

  2. Timely completion and revision of school portion WITH listening, reading, writing and    speaking as per school and exam pattern

  3. Emphasis laid on understanding French as a language by encouraging students to listen and speak French.

  4. Regular update on test, marks and progress of students.

  5.Dedicated App based learning apart from live classes with upgraded material for reading, listening, speaking and parent tracking modes for betterment of students.

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