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Nisha’s French classes Activities

NFC provides overall holistic development to children with academics and over all development and we cater to all four criteria's descried by CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ...)


NFC Helps its students to prepare for reading papers for board exams and DELF Exams by providing extensive reading papers and solving papers VIA worksheets, test modules that prepares them thoroughly to take them challenges in papers and go to next level


French being a foreign language understanding what people say and providing correct answers and understanding vocabulary is quite challenging we at NFC make sure that this hurdle is taken care by experienced team of professionals that cater to you listening French needs with easy and make sure you reach pinnacles of success with assuring through practice and guidance


The most challenging part of language is speaking as it needs correct knowledge of vocabulary, grammar and technique our expert teachers make sure this hurdle is taken care at ease.


​NFC team makes sure your entire content to be written is taken care as this section needs extensive practice and together all four make a team to make you reach your goal and this is taken care at ease by our team




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